Weightless Living

“God loves you. Rest in that. You were created with your personality for a reason. There is only one you. The most powerful thing you can do in life is to enjoy who you are, love yourself and love others.”
— Steve BeardedBadger Olive

Abba, teach me to enjoy YOUR LOVE without feeling guilty. Teach me to rest in YOUR GRACE without feeling like I must give something back. Teach me the unforced rhythms of grace. Teach me to enjoy the life I have in You. Reveal to me Your love, day upon day, that I may be established, grounded and rooted in love. That I may come to a full knowledge of who you are! That I may come to a full realization of the love you have for me. I thank You for wisdom & revelation on Your love for me. Thank You Father. Amen.

—Matthew 11:28-30 MSG; eph3:14-21; jud1:20-21

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