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Weightless Living

“God loves you. Rest in that. You were created with your personality for a reason. There is only one you. The most powerful thing you can do in life is to enjoy who you are, love yourself and love others.”
— Steve BeardedBadger Olive

And if you don’t want to hear many voices, get out from under the law. Because the law produces a million voices in your mind. Have only one law: the law of Life. If He lives, I’m alive. That’s enough. You don’t need any more.

—Bertie Brits

If you want to experience salvation, listen to the will I put in your heart and then do what you want, God says. But we’re afraid to do what we want, because we’ve been under the law so long, which aroused sinful passions in us.

—Bertie Brits paraphrased

"If God works in you to will, you better do what you want, or you are in sin."
Under grace God divinely influences your heart.

—Bertie Brits

How I see God will either empower me, or defeat me.

Mike Miller

Perspective of The Father

I learned/am reminded of something very important today! That is: Having the right perspective of The Father. It comes down to perspective. The passage from mat. 6 is about your perspective of The Father.

mat6:22 The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. 23“But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

It’s talking about having the right perspective. When you see God for who He is and have the perspective of Him, you will be filled with light from the inside out. When you have a wrong perspective your life can be a walk in the dark so to say. And this is also something you grow in gradually, according to Mike Miller. As he said, you never fully comprehend Him in this life, but you will keep growing in this if you let His goodness change your belief system.

This is great, because if you experience ‘darkness’ in your life, like you’re struggling, are afraid or confused, you just need an adjustment in your perspective of who HE IS! And when you get a perspective of The Father that you can live with, fear will evaporate.

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But I don’t have a clue

I ‘m not sure. I don’t know. I can’t tell. I feel a bit clueless. Do you ever have that too? Not feeling sure about what to think or believe. I used to appreciate the Word and where it led me. But new theories, new thoughts have been introduced to me and I find it harder to keep a straight up belief toward the traditional view of God or the bible. It no longer is as black and white or clear to me. Hmmm, is that a good or a bad thing? I figure I’d just dump my thoughts, for it might help me get them in order. I think it can feel nice when you have control over things, especially when you are afraid what might happen if you don’t. Knowledge can give a sense of control too. But when you feel clueless you can feel afraid. At least I think that’s what it does it to me. I find it interesting that the one day I can be all enthusiastic about spiritual truth and the next day I am just wondering what to believe of it all. It feels like I should be believing something, or following something ‘out of the bible’ to have wellness and success in my life. I have gotten an apathy against all the spiritual talk some believers can have. It having to be only ‘Amen”s and ‘Bless you’. I guess I’m just looking for something that feels real again and not man made enthusiasm and conducted behavior. ;)

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The most important thing is to know you’re a son

In all that you do the most important thing is to know you are a (beloved) son or daughter. I was wondering how to spent my time this weekend on studying ‘kingdom truth’. What to read, listen or think upon. I got on my heart that the most important thing to realize and know is that you are a son. It’s your position of rest. I think also our idea of son-ship can be perverted, because of the example we have gotten from our parents or other worldly influence. But in this our minds can be renewed to the original view and idea of what son-ship is all about.

I think it’s about being at rest, knowing that your Father provides for you. Knowing that you don’t have to work this all out, because He will supply. It’s a simple message, but a foundation for rest and security in life.

mat3:17 a voice out of the heavens said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.”

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Blessed with every spiritual blessing

Blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Isn’t that awesome. We lack no blessing. Spiritual is from the word pneumatikós, which means ´belonging to the Spirit´. All gifts belonging to the Spirit are already yours. That is why you are full. You lack no good thing.

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Words influence the heart

Your heart is your believe center and it influences your thoughts you think, the words your speak and the things you do. Our hearts can be influenced by the words we speak and that are spoken to us. They can affect our hearts in a positive or negative way. Our tongue is the most powerful weapon. By continually affirming a spoken word over someone, either something positive or negative, we have the power to influence our lives or that of others. If someone is repeatedly told as a child that he or she is dumb, useless and a pain in the ass, that’s likely how they’ll become. This is because subconsciously the person starts believing what is said about them. In the other way ’round, a person that is continually affirmed with something positive, will start to pick this up, and the more often it’s said and affirmed, the more he or she will start believing it. Our words are powerful, either for the positive or the negative, for creating death or life! To affirm someone in who they are is a great thing. It helps someone get established in what is true about them. Also protect your ears from lies you hear others speak about you. When accepted, these spoken words can influence you too. And they have no right to! Guard your heart above all else. Speak against lies. In the same way you can use your words to agree with something, you can also use them to disagree with something.

guard your heart above all else

Declare what you have been made, and disagree with is false about you.

Your declaration carries power!

  • You are a beloved son/daughter of your Father
  • You have not been given a spirit of slavery to fear once more, you have been given the spirit of His son, who is eternally secure in sonship, love, and fearlessness.
  • You have been accepted into His family of the Trinity

Declare in your own words just how awesome you are ;) Declare & Believe. You are worth it!

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Staying out of the mind loop?

In programming we do an if else statement, if we want to test for a condition and if it is true, execute a part of code, else execute another part of code.
if ($me == 'Good enough') { $be->at_rest(); } else { $be->at_work(); }

If statements are very useful for checking if something matches a condition. But in life we should never get into an if else condition. Or well, we don’t have to be. The problem is we’ĺl always be at work, because we are never truly good enough. The graceful statement would be like: $me = 'Good enough';. Without an if else to check on us. Or how Joseph Prince would state it, don’t wonder how you are before God, but Christ is before God: if ($Christ == 'Good enough') { $be->at_rest(); } else { $be->at_work(); }.

But even if we perform an if else check on whether we are good enough in our performance, our success, our love, our health, our strength, our appearance, our intelligence, our sympathy, our realm of influence and measure of fulfillment or reaching our ‘destination’, we are still ‘Good enough’. In Him.

We’re not meant to go through life, from one achievement to another. Life is not a series of hoops to jump through or a stairway to climb. It’s about being at REST in what is finished. Of course we can achieve things and work hard, but out of enjoyment and because we are passionate about something. Not to live up to and get a status of $me == ‘Good enough’. Because there will always be something more we can do, or somewhere we have to be better. We’ll be ashamed of the parts we feel we lack in, and boast our ‘better parts’.

It’s our mind that keeps us in loop mode. Looping through. It’s more like we go through a while loop, rather than an if else condition. That means you keep repeating a process until you reach a certain condition. Our mind can keep saying we are not there yet. When we are! While we are still not good enough, keep repeating an action to make ourselves better. Until we reached where we think we should be. Our mind can tell us we are still too.. religious. But we are FULL of grace. That might be something I struggle with. Feeling like I try too much. Like I am and have been in this loop too long and I want to get out of it. Like I’ve been trying and $be(en)->at_work() for too long, but I can’t really settle down to $be->at_rest() either. Yet I should know that I am loved and good enough, even when I still find myself or feel like I’m striving, working and trying to improve what is already finished.

Letting the Work that is done be and rest from what He would love to do in, through and as me. I can rest from my anti-religous works, even if my heart would still condemn me, He is greater. The mind-loop that keeps saying: You are trying too hard. Your effort is an insult to what is finished. But even that is finished, living in Grace is and always has been His work. It’s not something I need to be told how to do. Only to be reminded of what it really means. In case I mess up and make my own weird theory out of it. But even then He is there to remind me. So.. Right! ;)

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A summary of the Gospel: God is good and you are good enough. I pray that this might become a lasting heart revelation to you and me! ;)

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