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Weightless Living

“God loves you. Rest in that. You were created with your personality for a reason. There is only one you. The most powerful thing you can do in life is to enjoy who you are, love yourself and love others.”
— Steve BeardedBadger Olive

The full measure of life God intended for you

For you to be double minded is to be cheated out of steadfastness and to deceive yourself; you cannot afford that, not for any reason, no matter how many valid excuses you may have. “Let steadfastness have its full effect so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” The Greek word James uses here for complete, holokleroi, means to be in complete possession of your allotted portion. Compare James 1:15, hamartia from ha-meros: to fail to possess your allotment, the full measure of life God intended for you, traditionally translated: sin. What is commonly proclaimed as sinful is often the mere symptom of an unfulfilled life. “To the hungry, everything that is bitter, seems sweet; but he who is satisfied, loathes honey.” Proverbs 27:7. “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places, I am well content with my inheritance.” Psalm 16:6.

Thoughts For Life – 3 October (Francois Du Toit, ‘God Believes in You’ – available in print and on Kindle)

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You are a human expression of the nature and essence of God. God’s being is the source of your being. This has always been the fundamental truth of who you are from the beginning and has never changed. You are whole and complete, good and beautiful. You are free. You are love, peace, power, compassion, awareness, wisdom, and presence. These are not things you gain through effort; it’s who you are and who you always have been. God extends outward in, through, and as you. You are one with God. This was the message and meaning of Jesus.

We fall short of operating within the reality of who we truly are. Instead, we live through a False Self that contradicts our true Self. The only way the idea of being “born into sin” or “born as sinners” is real is that we are born into a notion of ourselves that falls short and misses the mark of who we truly are.

Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

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You are loved, regardless of whether you’ve done wrong. You are intimately known and acqainted to God. He shares your deepest thoughts, your hurts and your secrets. What matters to you matters to Him. You are made of the same type of wood. This is what it means to be one.

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Intimacy is the key to living a fulfilled life.

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follow your heart, the Logos who dreamed you is inside you

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Good stuff from Joshua!

Good stuff!! Never took the time to check this one out, but it sure is worth it!! Thanks for sharing Joshua Tongol ^^ Speak+Believe=Fruit & all the other great truth hehe! Be sure to watch it when you have the time.

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The most important decision

A quote from Albert Einstein, that is pretty solid!

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

― Albert Einstein

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Living life as a child

Living life as a child. That’s what I had to think of when I woke up this morning. That we can live our lives with childlike simplicity, enjoyment and freedom from cares. When growing up we tend to complicate and stress over things and the future, but we don’t have to. We can enjoy life this day and stop worrying about the next.

Enjoy the day as it comes and let yourself be provided for, knowing Someone is taking care of you. Enjoy the simple things in life and be yourself. 

And if you don’t want to hear many voices, get out from under the law. Because the law produces a million voices in your mind. Have only one law: the law of Life. If He lives, I’m alive. That’s enough. You don’t need any more.

—Bertie Brits

If you want to experience salvation, listen to the will I put in your heart and then do what you want, God says. But we’re afraid to do what we want, because we’ve been under the law so long, which aroused sinful passions in us.

—Bertie Brits paraphrased

"If God works in you to will, you better do what you want, or you are in sin."
Under grace God divinely influences your heart.

—Bertie Brits

How I see God will either empower me, or defeat me.

Mike Miller

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